Dominik Dunekamp

Project Manager Scrum Master Freelancer


I'm a computer scientist who found his love for programming as a teenage kid. After a programming course at school, I studied computer science at University and started working as a software developer.

While being a happy programmer, I discovered my passion for project management and followed that new path. After some time I became freelancer and worked for different companies in various industries.

At this time "my" classical project management met the agile way of working. I was immediately convinced by the agile approach, attended a course to learn more and got a Scrum Master certification.

Being a freelancer brought me into a variety of job positions related to project management and working agile.

The next thing on my way was scaling agile work and I really became very passionate about supporting organizations in their agile transformation.

In private life, I love all kinds of sports, and Basketball in particular, also travelling, reading and being outdoors.